Quality certification system in Agrotourism

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CerTour certification

Ukrainean Model of CerTour Certification

The local CerTour standard in Ukraine was elaborated by Regional Fund for the Support of the Entrepreneurship of Zaporоzhye Region following the criteria set in the Common Standard Framework elaborated within the "CerTour: Quality Certification System in Agrotourism" project, co-financed by European Union.
The standard was adapted to local situation but the basic criteria and sub-criteria of the Common Framework were respected:

1. The region
1.1 Natural environment
1.2 Infrastructure
1.3 Information availability
1.4 Security
1.5 Attractions of the region
1.6 Enough opportunities to take part in various activities
1.7 Enough opportunities to attend local events
1.8 Tranquillity

2. Infrastructure of the enterprise
2.1 Accessibility of the place
2.2 Architecture - Decoration
2.3 Library
2.4 Music - Video
2.5 Gastronomy
2.6 Folk art and traditional products for sale

3 Personnel
3.1 Qualifications
3.2 Professional experience of the staff
3.3 Foreign languages
3.4 Provision of basic tourist information
3.5 Knowledge about the CerTour network

4. Quality systems
4.1 Implementation of a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 or ISO 22000 standard
4.2 Implementation of another Quality Management System

5. Organisation
5.1 Website
5.2 Online reservation system
5.3 Use of information technologies
5.4 Membership in professional association(s) or networks
5.5 Customers' satisfaction survey

6. Servicing
6.1 Friendly and effective servicing
6.2 Neatness
6.3 Food and drinks
6.4 Security

7. Additional services
7.1 Activities
7.2 Events
7.3 Other services

8. Environmental protection
8.1 Sustainable use of natural resources
8.2 Minimizing the environmental impact

9. Cost
9.1 Value for money

The need for a Quality Model
The CerTour Quality Model is a practical tool that can be used by the enterprises in the tourism sector by different means:

  • As a self-assessment method that identifies the strengths and the areas of improvement in the business operations
  • As a base for a common vocabulary and way of thinking about the business that facilitates the effective operations. The model criteria identify operations that probably were not taken under consideration by the businessmen
  • As a methodology for continuous improvement in a wide range of business operations
  • As a way for benchmarking and bench learning
  • As a management framework

The CerTour Network and its members are committed to continuously improve the Quality Model according to the conclusions from its implementation. Thus the dynamic character of the Quality Model and its continuous adaptation to the local conditions and the requirements of the market is assured

Benefits from the use of the Quality Model
By applying the CerTour Quality Model, the enterprises in the agrotourism sector:

  • Ensure the high quality of their services and the satisfaction of their customers
  • They obtain a third party certificate assuring their conformance with the requirements of the Model
  • They are protected by the unfair competition and speculative practices
  • They improve their operational and financial results
  • They contribute to the local development and the promotion of the agrotourism product of their regions

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